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Animation Battery 2.4

ScreenShot of Animation Battery 2.4 by Global Agent Coming soon! If your iPhone or iPod touch has a battery, you must have it! A “MUST HAVE” for every iPhone/iTouch. Offer a longer battery service time and battery life for your iPhone/iTouch, by using this application. To avoid the trouble of battery-rundown without notification! A Glow Battery is an application which can display your battery maintenance with awesome effects. =========Features========= It displays the Remaining Time of your iPhone/iPod in Hours and Minutes: - Talk time -Stand by time - Wi-Fi Internet Browsing Time - 3D Game Playing Time - 2D Game Playing Time - Video Play Time - Audio Play Time -Files Transferring Time It provides one battery theme: Luxuriance, 7 more themes in Paid Version. =======Tips======== More information on how to prolong your battery life...
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Time Lapse Camera HD 3.1

ScreenShot of Time Lapse Camera HD 3.1 by CATEATER, LLC Create stunning looking 16:9 HD time-lapse videos instantly on your device. No computer needed, no wait time. Instant playback. Create fantastic movies your friends will enjoy or share it with the world on Youtube, Facebook and Co. Use iMovie to add cool themes, titles, sounds and transitions right on your device. Want to know what your pet is doing when you are not at home? How about your nanny? What goes on around your home? Watch the sunrise or fall compressed to a one-minute video. Endless possibilities. Time Lapse Camera HD automatically captures images and creates a stunning time-lapse video instantly on your devise. Try it. Time Lapse Camera HD helps you to create fantastic movies with several unique features: • Up to HD 16:9 resolution 1280x720 (on supported devices) • ...
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Chron 1.0 1.0

No Image Chron could be used to measure different and continuous times. Different times - after every tick it starts to count from zero; continuous times - after every tick it continues to count without initialize the counter. Times are organized in time sheets. Every time sheet has time sheet details in which You could add time sheet name, description and date. You could search time sheets by name and date, order the results if you want. You could delete all results found or some of them. You could review/change time sheets found. The same options you have about each time in the time sheet plus option to add time action. Time action - name of some activity which you measure.
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IN TIME - The Game 1.1

ScreenShot of IN TIME - The Game 1.1 by Fox Mobile Entertainment, Inc. IN TIME is a high-adrenaline, arcade-style handheld game experience set in a near-future world where TIME is a finite commodity that can be earned or taken away. Score points by sprinting, jumping and dodging waves of obstacles & assailants across often-hostile city streets on the way to your destination before your time runs out. Players can acquire valuable time by collecting "time capsules," or lose time if apprehended by the "Minutemen." Players can multiply their scores by giving time to those who most need it, but at the risk of the player's running out of time himself. Based on the major motion picture starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. • Addictive Gameplay - a game mechanic that's easy to learn but a challenge to master. • Infinite Replayability...
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Timagility Free - Time Tracker 1.1

ScreenShot of Timagility Free - Time Tracker 1.1 by Hugeaura Timagility is a time tracker with elegant presentation. Innovative high definition time clock chart on the single day pages to allow pacing of work with balanced breaks. Get more out of projects, business and personal energy with time management. Timescales are displayed from within a day to years. Rolling week, rolling month and calendar year pages and a view of all the data together. Continue an existing project with a single tap. Landscape and portrait orientations are supported with all screen sizes including HD tablets. Sort by duration or alphabetically. Display the percentage or time spent. Add new projects and subprojects. Timesheet, timeclock, work time recorder. High performance scrolling of hundreds of different projects. Timagility Free 1.1 is free, no ads.
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Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time 3.1

ScreenShot of Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time 3.1 by Walt Disney Join over 16 million players playing Gardens of Time! (Note to Gardens of Time players on Facebook: this game does not connect to your web game, it is a new mobile game.) Sinister forces have disrupted the space-time continuum! Preserve ancient artifacts by unveiling mysteries with the Time Society! Explore exotic locations and collect unique artifacts on the way! Over 100 Hidden Object Scenes to play in over 20 amazing locations around the world! **** Game Features **** - Beautiful Hidden Object Scenes - Paradox Scenes (Can you spot the difference?) - Exciting locations like Egyptian Pyramids, Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef and more! - Use hints to guide your search for hidden objects - Decorate your Garden with amazing structures from throughout history! - Exclusive items available ...
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WhatsSlot Xmas 1.5.0

ScreenShot of WhatsSlot Xmas 1.5.0 by CHINESE GAMER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION "WhatsFish" is free a limited time ! Check out our latest gaming creation! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Top #1 Paid Games in Taiwan. Top #1 Casino Games in the China and 3 Countries. Top 20 Casino Games in the US and Over 20 Countries. Shake It Up!! First 3D Somatosensory Slot Machine!! Just press the "SPIN" button, slot machine will be started; The most exciting part of the slot machine is Its unique "Bouns time"! When you pulled the red seven,blue seven,1BAR, 2BAR and 3BAR ,you will be conducted after Bouns time mode selected. The successfully entered the Bouns time mode is excited explosion. Interesting bonus times, exciting combos, poignant show times and collection of good luck will Ignite your high morale, so you once again experience the thrill of...
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Battery Magic 1.0

ScreenShot of Battery Magic 1.0 by Battery Magic is now available, featuring the easy-to-use scrolling wheel menu that enables you to get all of your important battery stats presented in hours, minutes and percentages. Power users will appreciate the accuracy of how much juice they will have to complete their Game Play, Talk Time, Web Browsing or any other iPhone/iPod touch application you would like to run before your plane lands. Battery Magic helps you organize your battery life so that you can preserve your battery time and make that important phone call when you are on the go! Key Features include: Usage in Hours and Minutes - Game Play - Talk Time - 3G Internet - Wi-Fi Internet - Video Playback - Audio Playback - Standby Time - iPod touch Video Play Time - iPod touch Audio Play Time - Time To Fully Re-Charge the Battery...
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ScreenShot of CATCH MASTER 1.1 by NOLPAN DESIGN LAB Instructions: ▶ Starting Game - You will get 40 sec. of standard time and 6 times of try numbers. - When you start to move crain, the standard 40 sec. will start to discount. - After You got a doll, the rest of time will be added to the score and the time will be reset to 40 again. - Faster catch means higher score. ▶ Game End - When the standard time becomes 0. - When the try number becomes 0. ▶ Game Tips - The red target will add 3 sec. to the standard time and the yellow one will add try numbers. - If you catch the red one consistently, you might get enough time but careful with try numbers. - Sometimes you will need to catch non-target in order to clear the way for catch the real target. but of course it will cost -3 sec. !! ▶ Using Items Time is money in this game! If you get...
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Basic Timer

ScreenShot of Basic Timer by Frederik Knust This timer app allows you to time timespans from one second up to 23h 59 min 59 s. While the timer is running you can dynamically add or remove time. Additionally, you can pin every timespan to your homescreen, so that you can start the timer with only one tap. This app does not run under the lockscreen, but you are notified by an alarm (always plays a sound even if the phone is muted) or by a reminder (vibrates and only plays a sound if the phone is not muted) when the time is up, even if the app is not running. You can also choose if the timer should play a sound or vibrate (or both), if the time is up while the app is running. To set the timer you can either use the looping selectors (screenshot 1), as you do in the phones alarm app, or use the +/- buttons (screenshot 2). This app is free...
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